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Simultaneous action combat in a world of mythological fantasy, inspired by ancient cultures of Earth. Easy to learn, fun to play!

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Simultaneous Action

The combat mechanics were designed to be simple and easy to learn, but simplicity doesn’t mean it gets dull. With so many possible combat situations and tactical options, simultaneous combat can be a challenge to master. It’s one of the reasons Pythòs has been praised by both brand-new RPG gamers as well as long-time masters of tabletop gaming.

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Playtester Praise

Here’s a sampling of what our fantastic playtesters had to say about Pythos…

“I loved the ease of the system. Simple to pick up and use.” “Straight forward and nicely balanced in complexity.” “Really fun and unique.”

“Very simple and adaptable.” “Having combat phases execute simultaneously lends itself to significantly more cerebral, methodical pace-making decisions; and larger, long-term plans are rewarded over spontaneous decisions.”

“Great for a beginner to acclimate to a gaming system.” “Removes the ‘What is the optimal move?’ discussion from the table” “It is very simple and straightforward to run. I was thinking ‘There’s got to be more to this.’ It is surprisingly easy.”

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