World of Pythòs

Myths & Legends
                       Gods & Titans

Pythòs is a world shrouded in powers beyond mortal control. Gods are real, but their powers are limited and their ways unknown. Even more terrifying than the gods, titans of colossal size and enormous power have existed since before the first dawn. Physical embodiments of the forces of nature; their immense presence is only ever felt when they awaken for short periods of seemingly mindless destruction.

Inspiration From Around the World

Pythòs wasn’t built around just one or two mythologies, like Norse or Greek. It takes inspiration from myths, legends, and ancient cultures from all corners of the world, including South America, Siberia, Polynesia, and Africa. Obviously, all of Earth’s myths and legends could not possibly fit into one book. But hypothetically, they could each find a place in the world of Pythòs.

Stories to spur your imagination